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SMART GOALS – Why Everyone Should Set Them

 Aileen Crass

Marketing Manager

Graphel Carbon Products


 A SMART goal is a goal that you can realistically and consistently reach. It provides you with real motivation.  The goal can be personal or professional.

According to research, goal setting is the single most powerful motivation tool in a leader’s toolkit.  Goal setting operates in ways that provide purpose, challenge and meaning.  Goals are the guideposts along the road that make a compelling vision come alive.  Goals energize people.  Specific, clear, challenging goals lead to greater effort and achievement than easy or vague goals.  By setting a “SMART” goal, you can keep track of where you are in relation to achieving your goal.  It is easily measurable and allows you to accurately gauge your progress.

So, each year our managers and employees are encouraged to set SMART goals when we develop our KPIs.

To be a “SMART” goal, the goal must have the following elements:


Your goal should include the 5 W’s who, what, where which and why.


Your goal should include targets and milestone measurements to make sure you are moving in the right direction.


Your goal should motivate, not frustrate.  Ensure your goal is achievable and won’t overwhelm you.


Your goal should make sense and be relevant when measured against what you are trying to achieve. If you achieve it, it should make a difference.


Your goal should be time-bound for each step of the process.

Start the New Year by setting at least one SMART goal.  It will help motivate you toward accomplishing more for yourself and your family in 2016

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