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Precision Graphite Solutions

Materials from the Most Trusted Names

Whether you are a small shop or an industry leader, Graphel Carbon Products can supply you with the quality and quantity of materials you need to make your business a success. We provide the highest quality of materials for EDM and non-EDM applications.

Poco Graphite

Graphel Carbon Products is one of the world’s largest distributors of Poco Graphite. Poco Graphite is primarily intended for use as finisher electrode material and produces one of the best EDM finishes available.

Ibiden Graphite

Ibiden has proven quality and value for the EDM and non-EDM markets. With a range of product sizes and characteristics, Ibiden Graphites cover a wide range of industrial applications.

Toyo Tanso Graphite

Toyo Tanso Graphite products cover a broad range of sizes and applications. Toyo Tanso EDM Graphite provides high quality and consistency for both EDM and Non-EDM applications.

Other EDM Materials

Graphel Carbon Products offers a range of other high quality EDM materials in a broad range of grades and sizes. Copper Tungsten, Silver Tungsten, Tungsten Carbide, Tellurium Copper and Molybdenum for both EDM and Non-EDM applications. Learn More >
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