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Precision Graphite Solutions

Services that take highly complex needs from prints to finished tools.

Whether you are a small shop or an industry leader, Graphel Carbon Products can take your project from concept to completion – regardless of the complexity of the challenge.

EDM Solutions

With our skilled staff of manufacturing engineers, we support our customers from start to finish. From initial models to manufacturing improvements,our engineers are part of your process team. Learn More >
  Graphite Machining

Graphite Machining

Our Graphite Machining services are based on our best practices proven standards for machining. Refined over the years, it is the foundation that allows us to produce parts with unparalleled precision, quality and performance for our customers. Learn More >

Graphite Materials

Strategic partnerships provide Graphel Carbon Products access to the highest quality materials available. We have earned the right to represent raw material manufacturers as distributors in the United States. Learn More >

EDM Services

Our EDM Services leverage the experience of our manufacturing engineers to provide solution oriented products. In addition to helping customers by engineering products to support their processes, our engineers become part of the process team. Learn More >
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Conquering Complexity

See how we address the challenges of complexity