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Precision Graphite Solutions


focusing on wear resistance, surface finish, material strength and cost

What We Can Do

At Graphel Carbon Products, we manufacture machined graphite products for medical, aerospace, power generation, aviation and hermetic sealing needs worldwide. Our dedicated team offers personalized solutions for your company’s needs.

power generation tool
aviation part
hermetic sealing
furnace fixtures
edm electrodes
printing parts


We use advanced CNC and CAD-CAM software to create parts to print. We’re accurate in all of our manufacturing services to meet your parts-to-print needs. Our team can easily repeat your production runs while keeping high quality standards.


Machine List

Our team is proud to say that we handle all of your custom manufacturing projects. We use CNC machines with CAD-CAM software to keep our products up to your standards. 

EDM Electrodes

Graphel Carbon Products is detail oriented with EDM electrodes, focusing on the wear resistance, surface finish, material strength and cost. We use a wide range of graphite materials.

Precise Work Each Time

No matter what type of EDM product we make for you, we will give you high-quality work and innovative solutions. We do this when creating manufactured electrodes and redressing/regrinding them to help you reduce costs and your return. Graphel Carbon Products meets your unique demands.

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