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At Graphel Carbon Products, we know that you’re concerned about the latest industry trends and products worldwide. That’s why we have a blog about graphite and EDM solutions. Take a look through our articles down below to learn something new, then contact us with questions.

Consider Setting A Hard Goal

After you set your SMART Goals
Consider Setting a Hard Goal

A SMART goal is a goal that you can realistically and consistently reach and one that provides you with real motivation toward that goal.

SMART goals are great for long term situational change, but for the short term consider adding a HARD goal.

Based on Mark Murphy’s book Hard Goals – The Science of Extraordinary Achievement, HARD Goals discusses why some people achieve so much while others seem to just spin their wheels and get nowhere. When you analyze the science of achieving big things, you’ll find super achievers set themselves HARD goals and then go out and work towards achieving those goals with passion and intensity. It’s the setting and achieving of those HARD goals which drives their achievements.

A HARD goal is comprised of the following elements:

H – Heartfelt
A HARD goal has to be something which promises you more value – you’re not going to let anything get in the way.

A – Animated
HARD goals are so vivid and alive in your mind that if you don’t reach them, you would feel like something’s missing in your life.

R – Required
Hard goals allow you to convince yourself that the goal is a necessity, not an option.

D – Difficult
You want to set goals which are so hard they will force you to tap into all the talents that you possess so you’ll feel a sense of achievement.

If you really don’t care about your goals, there will not be much motivation for you to achieve them. To achieve more, make certain you’re going after what you want more than anything else. A HARD goal has to be something which promises you more value than any other goal – therefore you’re not going to let anything get in the way of making it happen.

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