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At Graphel Carbon Products, we know that you’re concerned about the latest industry trends and products worldwide. That’s why we have a blog about graphite and EDM solutions. Take a look through our articles down below to learn something new, then contact us with questions.

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EDM Talks: Chip Rowland Disccusses EDM in the Southeast (ep. 12)

Graphel’s Southeast Regional Sales Manager, Chip Rowland, is back and discusses EDM applications in the Southeast, his experience in the industry during Covid times, the capabilities of Graphel’s South Carolina location, and his extra work helping connect people in the industry who are seeking employment/employees.


EDM Talks: Mike Spencer of Graphel’s South Carolina Facility Joins Ken (ep. 11)

Mike Spencer, Site Manager for the Landrum, South Carolina Graphel facility, talks about his background, the capabilities at the South Carolina facility (graphite milling, turning, grinding with angles and radiuses), their 5S push, their communication between the Ohio and Minnesota locations to improve speed of delivery, and the benefits of their South Carolina location.

EDM Talks Podcast: The Outside Sales Managers Join Ken (ep. 9)

In this episode, Ken Dworznik is joined by the other Graphel Outside Sales Managers such as Chip Rowland, John DeLalley, and Jeff Kiszonas.  They discuss various topics such as: supplying medical operations with EDM needs during Covid-19, their joy of meeting people and learning about new applications, finding places where additive manufacturing can’t go (and EDM can), Graphel’s ability get orders out quickly, and Graphel’s non-EDM operations such as tooling and graphite supply.  And of course, questions from listeners!

EDM Talks Podcast: Behind the Scenes with Graphel Engineering (ep. 8)

Graphel’s Bill Heyser and Nathan Buchanan join Ken Dworznik to give a behind the scenes look at the engineering department at Graphel, including the services they can offer to help the customer achieve their EDM goals.  Beyond helping design electrodes and plan the manufacture of electrodes, other services include wire and sinker edm machines on site to machine for customers, and the ability for engineers to simulate electrode burns with a customer’s workpiece.  They also talk about graphite engineering projects beyond EDM, including working on a motor housing on one of the Mars rovers!  Finally, they answer common questions.

EDM Talks: Marc Sanders Discusses Best Practices When Machining Steel and Copper Alloys (ep. 7)

Marc Sanders of Entegris | POCO Materials discusses the Nov. 2019 article “How to EDM Steel and Copper Alloy Simultaneously” (written by Marc and Rob Fothergill) with Graphel’s Ken Dworznik.  The discussion includes polarity, on-time, peak current, material choice, and more, with a focus on getting the best results for your EDM application on both steel and copper alloy.  Also, common questions answered!

EDM Talks Podcast: Graphel’s EDM Solutions (Ep. 5)

Graphel’s Dave Trinkley and Jaime Portillo join Ken Dworznik to discuss their backgrounds in the industry, adaptions to the challenges of Covid-19, Graphel’s different locations, and the solutions that Graphel offers to EDM customers- solutions such as graphite material consulting/distribution, electrode and tooling packages, and engineering services.  Plus a shout-out to the team!


Week 9: An Added Layer of EDM Knowledge

From Entegris| POCO Materials   Article by Robert Fothergill

Sinker EDM electrode
Sinker EDM technology has improved significantly over the years, changing many of the processes and decisions that an EDM operator will face when operating the machine. Even though operators may have access to the latest in machine tool technology, it is still important for them to receive training to understand machine parameters and the impact each one has on the finished product.

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