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At Graphel Carbon Products, we know that you’re concerned about the latest industry trends and products worldwide. That’s why we have a blog about graphite and EDM solutions. Take a look through our articles down below to learn something new, then contact us with questions.

Customer Service is Key

By Lori Strange Customer Service Leader Graphel Carbon Products   Customer service is key element in keeping customers happy for the long haul. Providing excellent customer service requires knowing your customers. Not all of your customers require the same amount of service in order to satisfy their needs.  In order to improve service, you need to consider segmenting your customers so that you have different propositions to accurately meet their specific requirements.  Across any group of customers, you are likely to have between 5 and 10 segments, each requiring different approaches. Within Graphel Carbon Products, for example, we have segmented our Tool and Die customers into five key segments with unique characteristics: the relationship segment, the deal segment, the price segment, the logistics segment and finally the transaction segment. The relationship segment customer values expertise and precision but insists on specific delivery instructions and expectations. These customer will typically not use online resources for sourcing, they work primarily on a relationship basis through our sales department.   They are usually long term customers that require a high touch from both our sales and customer service teams. The deal segment customer values knowledge and service but insists on value for money and will actively split business between distributors. These customers will pay for value-added services but will still comparison shop. As a result, they will use online channels to do research, but still want the service provided by a knowledgeable outside sales team. In contrast, price-focused customers don’t necessarily need or want salespeople calling on them. They want to compare prices and research companies that can save them additional money. The price-focused customer is often a repeat customer, but is working on such a close margin that price is everything.  Graphel Carbon Products keeps its’ cost low to serve these customers, knowing they don’t require the high touch of our sales team. The logistics customer is often one who is not as concerned about spending a few cents extra, but is working their business so tightly that they always require their materials quickly and reliably.  This is often a small business that is heavily reliant on product availability and delivery speed. For these customers, Graphel Carbon Products offers same day or next day shipment. Finally we have the transaction customer.  This customer is usually not concerned about price and delivery, they are just concerned about getting the correct item in a timely manner. They are not looking so much for the assistance of a salesperson, as the value of a concerned, helpful and responsive customer service person. Our customer mix varies across the]]>

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