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Customer Service is important for all Departments


In today’s social media environment, an organization needs to include in their mission statement that all who work for the company are a part of their customer service team. Every department and every person should understand how they are serving the customer, or servicing someone who is serving customers.

We are all aware of the critical nature of customer service. Customer service is important for all departments, and should not be limited to one department. In our business, our core customer service department often needs the help of other departments. Unless other departments realize the significance of customer service, it would be tough for them to provide the world class service required to keep our customers happy. No company can survive without customer service, so it makes sense that every person in the company has a customer service responsibility. In fact, customer service is mentioned in every person’s job description within our company.

After all, departments like engineering and quality are in fact doing internal customer service every day when they support the customer service team and others within the organization. Much of their work is designed for customer use, which means they have a huge impact on the overall customer experience as well.

A company that embraces an overall culture and focus of customer service is able to consistently provide high levels of service, which in turn will ensure repeat business from customers, high praise through social media and referrals as well. Making customer service key to every department will always have its benefits and pay rich dividends over time and for long term growth.

Customer service is not an easy job – in fact is it perhaps one of the most challenging and stressful jobs within an organization. Managing orders, needs, personalities and problems is never easy. All departments must appreciate the demands of customer service to ensure the customer receives all the support they need. Keeping the customer happy is everyone’s job.

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