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Understanding electrode parameters can improve EDM Efficiency


Robert Fothergill, EDM Applications Specialist with Poco Graphite, recently published an article in Mold Making Technology discussing that understanding all the electrode parameters can improve EDM efficiency. I can’t agree more.

As discussed, sinker EDM machining technology has improved significantly over the years. These changes effect the processes and decisions an EDM machinist will face when running the machine. But, some performance factors remain the same even with the advanced technology:

• Machinability - a balance between easy to machine and resilient enough to withstand the machining process

• Metal Removal Rate – achieving the proper electrode...Read more

Consider particle size rather than density when choosing an EDM Graphite Material

Anyone who has ever purchased graphite materials knows that the physical properties of the material are important. You want to use the right product for the application. But in efforts to promote less expensive products, and compete on price, many distributors are focusing on the density of the material. They are presenting density as an indicator of enhanced quality. I would argue that particle size is by far more important than density when choosing the quality of a product.

All EDM Graphites are evaluated using the following physical properties:

• Particle Size
• Apparent Density
• Flexural and Compressive Strength
• Hardness
• Electrical Resistivity

EDM Graphite is made from petroleum coke, a manufactured carbon product. The petroleum coke is pulverized into small particles and mixed with a...Read more


5 Reasons to Consider Copper Impregnated Graphite for Electrodes

Copper impregnated graphite is a material with the qualities of both graphite and copper. It is a graphite material manufactured with a controlled amount of interconnected porosity which is then infiltrated with copper by capillary action in a furnace. The impregnation process is performed at 2400 degrees F (1300 degrees C) in a controlled atmosphere to eliminate oxidation. The graphite must be heated first and then completely submerged in molten metal. Once completely surrounded by molten copper, several hundred atmospheres of pressure are applied to force the metal into the pores of the graphite. After the pores are fully infiltrated, the excess metal is removed and the graphite is allowed to cool.

Shops generally use copper to make electrodes when they have a need to provide a better surface finish and better flushing. They generally use graphite when they...Read more

5 Reasons to consider CFC Materials for Use in Vacuum Heat Treat Furnace Applications

Many of our customers are inquiring about the benefit of using CFC Materials in their Vacuum Furnace and other Heat Treat applications. While there are many benefits, from increased furnace capacity to quicker turnaround time, there are 5 main benefits that deserve attention:

1. CFC Materials provide High Strength while Light Weight Thanks to their special fiber structure, CFC is very low weight and robust, especially when it comes to the behavior of fracture and mechanical resistance. Racks and workpieces made of CFC are 8 to 10 times lighter than classical racks. Consequently, they facilitate processes and working cycles and even contribute to the prevention of accidents. With high strength and low weight, CFC jig assemblies are used for vacuum heat treatment and brazing of turbine blades, oil coolers, stainless steel brazing and sintering.

...Read more

The Skills Gap May Be the Biggest Opportunity of a Generation

The manufacturing industry of a country is directly proportional to its gross domestic product (GDP). In the US, every dollar spent on manufacturing contributes $1.32 to the economy, and manufacturing supports more than 17 million workers.

Over the next decade, the US manufacturing industry is facing a serious crisis, the skills gap. More than 3.5 million jobs will need to be staffed with 2.7 million manufacturing workers retiring. With the skills gap growing larger, it is presenting several groundbreaking manufacturing opportunities.

With 40% of the students who begin a 4 year college program not finishing, and the mounting college debt crisis, it is prime time for our society to start embracing the value of vocational education.  We have spent a generation telling our children that everyone should go to college…..that only a college...Read more

Every Day Should Be Manufacturing Day

american manufacturing

This past October 7th was National Manufacturing Day, 2016.   A day set aside as a celebration of modern manufacturing, meant to inspire the next generation of manufacturers.  Although Manufacturing Day officially occurs on the first Friday of October, I think that every day should be National Manufacturing Day.

Do you remember when you had shop class in Jr. High or High school?  It was a chance to work with your hands and create something.  And, it was a break from abstract book study and allowed you to work with materials and think outside the box.  It also showed kids how an idea could become a commodity they could sell, and...Read more

Perception is Reality when it comes to Manufacturing Quality


Modern manufacturing has come a long way in employing rigorous quality initiatives, but when a defective part slips past the quality initiatives, customer perception can make the situation go from bad to worse very quickly.

It isn’t always easy to get quality right given the current manufacturing environment. Shorter delivery times, increasing competition and elevated customer expectations; it is no wonder that quality is once again front and center.

Customer expectations matter, more so than ever. The new view of quality has expanded. Quality has always had two sides one could argue: actual quality and perceived quality. Often the latter takes longer to...Read more

Customer Service is important for all Departments


In today’s social media environment, an organization needs to include in their mission statement that all who work for the company are a part of their customer service team. Every department and every person should understand how they are serving the customer, or servicing someone who is serving customers.

We are all aware of the critical nature of customer service. Customer service is important for all departments, and should not be limited to one department. In our business, our core customer service department often needs the help of other departments. Unless other departments realize the significance of customer service, it would be tough for them to provide the...Read more

6 Time Management Tips for a Growing Company


In today’s workplace, there is more demand on us than ever before. We have to accomplish more in less time, with fewer resources. This puts a lot of pressure on us to be able to manage our time more efficiently so we can get more done, be less stressed and have a feeling of accomplishment. If we aren’t doing a great job of managing our time, then we probably aren’t able to deliver projects on time. In order to help us better manage your time, here are six valuable tips below:

1. Start with a list of easy tasks that can be completed quickly. By organizing a list of easier tasks first, you can get the smaller projects out of the way and...Read more

Leverage Synergy but Maintain Best Practices – Part I


Synergy – Two heads are better than one.

Synergy is the habit of creative cooperation. It is teamwork, open-mindedness, and the adventure of finding new solutions to old problems. But it doesn't just happen on its own. It's a process, and through that process, people bring all of their personal experience and expertise to the table. Together, they can produce far better results that they could individually. Synergy lets us jointly discover things we are much less likely to discover by ourselves. It is the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. One plus one equals three, or six, or sixty--you name it.

When people begin to genuinely interact together...Read more
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