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Consider Setting A Hard Goal

After you set your SMART Goals
Consider Setting a Hard Goal

A SMART goal is a goal that you can realistically and consistently reach and one that provides you with real motivation toward that goal.

SMART goals are great for long term situational change, but for the short term consider adding a HARD goal.
Based on Mark Murphy’s book Hard Goals – The Science of Extraordinary Achievement, HARD Goals discusses why some people achieve so much while others seem to just spin their wheels and get nowhere. When you analyze the science of achieving big things, you’ll find super achievers set themselves HARD goals and then go out and work towards achieving those goals with passion and intensity. It’s the setting and achieving of those HARD goals which drives their achievements.

A HARD goal is comprised of the following...Read more

SMART GOALS – Why Everyone Should Set Them

 Aileen Crass Marketing Manager Graphel Carbon Products    A SMART goal is a goal that you can realistically and consistently reach. It provides you with real motivation.  The goal can be personal or professional. According to research, goal setting is the single most powerful motivation tool in a leader’s toolkit.  Goal setting operates in ways that provide purpose, challenge and meaning.  Goals are the guideposts along the road that make a compelling vision come alive.  Goals energize people.  Specific, clear, challenging goals lead to greater effort and achievement than easy or vague goals.  By setting a “SMART” goal, you can keep track of where you are in relation to achieving your goal.  It is easily measurable and allows you to accurately gauge your...Read more

Customer Service is Key

By Lori Strange Customer Service Leader Graphel Carbon Products   Customer service is key element in keeping customers happy for the long haul. Providing excellent customer service requires knowing your customers. Not all of your customers require the same amount of service in order to satisfy their needs.  In order to improve service, you need to consider segmenting your customers so that you have different propositions to accurately meet their specific requirements.  Across any group of customers, you are likely to have between 5 and 10 segments, each requiring different approaches. Within Graphel Carbon Products, for example, we have segmented our Tool and Die customers into five key segments with unique characteristics: the relationship segment, the deal segment, the price segment, the logistics...Read more
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