We machine graphite, so you don't have to

Graphel Carbon Products 50th Anniversary Logo

Graphel Carbon Products 50th Anniversary Logo

At Graphel Carbon Products, we machine graphite so you don’t have to.  Graphite machining is demanding, especially if you are not familiar with working with its unusual qualities. While many shops can machine graphite, the question is do you really want to work with graphite. Are you prepared to work with its unique and chalky qualities? Do you really want to deal with the dust collection and the extra steps required to prevent the graphite from causing your machines unusual wear and tear ?

As a specialized graphite machining facility as well as a supplier of graphite material blanks, we take pride in our ability to machine graphite. We do one thing, custom precision machined graphite, and do it really well. Successful enterprises do one thing really well, and enable other successful enterprises to do what they do really well.

2015 will be Graphel Carbon Product’s 50th Anniversary of machining graphite.  You don’t last 50 years in a competitive business without doing something right. We have been offering precision graphite machining services to the EDM, sinker, mold and grinding business continuously for 50 years. Whether you need graphite fixtures, graphite furniture, graphite electrodes, graphite diameters or graphite blanks, we are your source. We have perfected our process, and we focus on executing it markedly well. We aim to serve you by providing precision graphite machining services with on-time delivery.

Whatever your industry,  semi-conductor, aircraft, aeronautical, medical or EDM, Graphel would appreciate the opportunity to talk with you.  At Graphel Carbon Products, we take care of all your precision machined graphite needs – we machine graphite so you don’t have to.