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Graphel Carbon Products’ guiding principles are the basis for all our efforts and the road map for operating every aspect of our business. It is the “how” that helps us accomplish our objectives and create value for our customers. Essentially, everything we do as a company and every action we take is measured, keeping our guiding principles in mind.

A Commitment to Service

Service is the foundation of all of Graphel Carbon Products’ solutions because our key commitment is to our customer. We have embraced a culture of customer satisfaction, and we measure ourselves against it on an ongoing basis. We strive to understand our customers needs and provide every customer with individualized, highly responsive service.
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A Culture Committed to the Highest Levels of Quality

Quality is at the center of everything we do. We know our customers depend on us to deliver defect free products on time, every time. We have many customers who trust our quality that we deliver dock to stock. Graphel Carbon Products is committed to providing products and services that meet or exceed all customer quality requirements, standards and specifications.
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A Commitment to Innovation

Innovation is the life blood of any business. Our team is dedicated to become your premier graphite solutions provider, and our employees are encouraged and given the freedom to learn and innovate.
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