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Precision Graphite Solutions

Furnace Fixturing

Furnace FixturingGraphel Carbon Products is one of the world’s largest suppliers of graphite furnace fixtures and trays for the aerospace, power generation and medical industries. We offer a range of products from some of the industry leaders including Poco, Ibiden, Toyo Tanso and house brands.

Although many graphite grades may have similar specifications, even slight differences in the properties of the material can make a big difference in the performance and wear of the product. Our graphite products offer outstanding technical properties for optimal results: warp-free work pieces to expedite process steps and lower energy consumption. We offer solutions for specific applications to meet the demanding requirements of high temperature furnaces.

Product Expertise

Our team has expertise in product grades and can recommend materials for customers with complex requirements. By leveraging our knowledge, we help our customers improve their manufacturing and cost efficiency.

Our Products:

Materials Available In:

  • Poco Graphite
  • Ibiden Graphite
  • Toyo Tanso Graphite
  • House Brand
  • Shelves
  • Diameters
  • Trays
  • Rods
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