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Aerospace and Aviation

Innovating in Aerospace and Aviation Manufacturing

Aerospace & Aviation See how Graphel Carbon Products utilizes best practice standards to drive quality, delivery and overall performance excellence.
Aerospace and Aviation applications need the manufacturing sophistication of a partner such as Graphel Carbon Products. As both a defense and domestic contractor to recognized world wide leaders, we have the expertise in your demanding and highly regulated environment. We create solutions that are used in a variety of highly specialized technologies. Every project we take on benefits from our experience and commitment to building strong partnerships.
  • Airfoil Machining
  • Vein Segments Machining
  • Honeycomb Machining
  • Diffuser Machining
  • High Pressure Turbine Nozzles
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  • Complex Airfoils
  • Custom Vein Segments
  • Re-Engineering Honeycomb, Diffusers and Nozzles
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Innovating in Aerospace & Aviation


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