Graphite Machining

Graphite Machining

Businesses that have a high cost of failure depend on Graphel Carbon Products for their graphite machining.

Businesses that cannot afford an interruption in their processes depend on Graphel Carbon Products for their graphite machining.

Graphel Carbon Products is one of the nation’s prime suppliers of quality graphite machined EDM electrodes to the world’s leading jet engine manufacturers. We have earned the right to produce and certify all the graphite cutting tools used at General Electric Aircraft Engines, (GEAE).  Our precision quality standards have given us the qualifications to ship from dock to stock, providing a significant cost savings to GEAE.

Precision Machining comes from Graphel Carbon Product’s:

  • Culture of Quality
  • ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100 Certifications
  • Customized Quality Systems
  • CMM technology- both probe and camera
  • Ongoing process capability analysis provided by our Six Sigma Black Belt Certified Quality Manager

Graphel Carbon Products simplifies the process of vendor approval, annual certification and flow down of compliance to your customers’ specifications.

Peace of Mind

Graphel Carbon Product’s unwavering focus on quality and reliable delivery eliminates worry about your graphite needs. You know you can count on Graphel Carbon Products that your part will be correct, on time and made of quality materials.

Graphel Carbon Product’s production system satisfies the most demanding customers in the most demanding industries.

When Graphel Carbon Products provides your graphite machining, you have peace of mind.


Precision Graphite Machining